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We've now made two trips north to the Yukon, Northwest Territory, and Alaska. We plan on returning again this spring/summer or fall.
DSCN0510DSCN0431Rhododendron lapponicumDSCN0315DSCN0320DSCN0511Parrya nudicaulisLooking for Northern WheatearsChipping Sparrow Rocky Mtns BC-202919aspen serpentine leaf miner (Phyllocnistis populiella) YT -0454Wild Sweet Pea (Hedysarum mackenzii) YT-0458Dempster Hwy YT-0483Dempster Hwy Tombstone TerPark YT-0504Dempster Hwy Tombstone TerPark YT-0506Arctic Ground SquirrelNorthern Shrike (Lanius excubitor) YT-0526Rock Ptarmigan Tombstone TPark YT-0551"Baby Fingers" Lichen-Dactylina arctica TombPark YT-Spotted saxifrage - Saxifraga bronchialis NWT-0712Arctic Stitchwort - Minuartia arctica NWT-0715

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