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The bristlecone pines are a small group of pine trees (Family Pinaceae, genus Pinus, subsection Balfourianae) that are thought to reach an age far greater than that of any other single living organism known, up to nearly 5,000 years. - Wikipedia These images were made in California's White Mountains, east of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.
Bristlecones White Mountains CA-0032Bristlecones White Mountains CA-0033Bristlecones White Mountains CA-0034Bristlecones White Mountains CA-0036Bristlecones White Mountains CA-0038Bristlecones White Mountains CA-0039_DSC0061Bristlecones White Mountains CA-_DSC0004_DSC0007Bristlecones White Mountains CA-0011Bristlecones White Mountains CA-0012_DSC0016Bristlecones White Mountains CA-0017_DSC0021

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