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Lassen NP-2318LundyCanyon E Sierra--13LundyCanyon E Sierra--15LundyCanyon E Sierra-LundyCanyon E Sierra--12LundyCanyon E Sierra--17LundyCanyon E Sierra--10TwinLakes E Sierra-2320TwinLakes E Sierra-2326TwinLakes E Sierra-2327TwinLakes E Sierra-2330TwinLakes E Sierra--2TwinLakes E Sierra-2336TwinLakes E Sierra-1522TwinLakes E Sierra-1524TwinLakes E Sierra-2338TwinLakes E Sierra-2339LeeVining E Sierra-2357LeeVining E Sierra-2362

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stephen franzen(non-registered)
Very beautiful. I wish I could have been there. I like them all, including the long skinny pan and the wren [I like the high key effect] which are a nice change of pace.
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